Think texting and driving is bad? How 'bout reading a book while supposedly concentrating on the road? Well, that's exactly what a Portland TriMet bus driver was allegedly caught doing during the journey from Bridgeport Village to downtown Portland. The driver has been accused of taking a Kindle out of his bag, propping it up on the dashboard, and reading during the trip. At one point he lounged against the steering wheel, using only his elbow to steer!

A horrified passenger recorded video footage of the driver on his iPhone for about 60 seconds. When the bus driver realized he'd been caught on camera, he had the nerve to tell the passenger not to take pictures of him while driving! Here's the report and footage from KGW—who feigns concern and alarm with the best of them.

In a nutshell, the driver was reported and TriMet immediately pulled him off the roads, calling the whole thing "totally unacceptable." Check out more details on the story here!

Apparently this isn't the only bus driver who likes to read while driving—there's also this footage of a London double-decker driver undertaking the same pastime...