To the Justin Bieber "haterz" of the world: This kid has declared war!! (Seriously. You have 14 days to submit to his demands. 14 days.)

In what many have called a shocking and sexually confusing sequence of events, Justin Bieber's dad is hot. Kind of like in a "bro" way—but hot. Here is one picture, and there are nine others (many shirtless) here.

Bitchin soul patch, bro!
  • Bitchin' soul patch, bro!

Justin Bieber's memoirs (HAAAAA!!!) comes out this Thursday.

Justin Bieber has partnered with a designer to create a collection of nail polishes inspired by his hit songs. Ummm... I think I may need to offer some words of advice to his publicist.

New York City names one of their beavers in a wildlife refuge, "Justin Beaver." Because, really, they couldn't think of anything more clever. They tried.

And finally, what happens when you combine Justin Bieber and Steve Buscemi? YOUR MOST HORRIBLE DAY-MARE.


UPDATE! Almost forgot this one: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith and a bikini chick partying on a yacht in Hawaii. You may now kill yourself.