A road-raging police officer has met retribution. The Portland Police Bureau officially fired Sergeant Scott Westerman, the former president of the police union who verbally assaulted a Smart car driver twice in January 2010. According to Police Chief Michael Reese, Westerman was in violation of a heap of police bureau regulations, including truthfulness, courtesy, and professional conduct. "I have determined that Sergeant Westerman did violate the above directives and that termination of his employment is the appropriate level of discipline," wrote Reese. He also added that Mayor Sam Adams was included in this decision. Following the pair of road-rage incidents, Westerman announced his resignation from the Portland Police Association union in April of last year. However, he remained with the police bureau on the telephone reporting unit. It's unclear whether the job loss will stick—the police union can contest all firings.


The Oregon Republican Party's official state platform became "90 percent less anti-gay" this week, thanks to a gaggle of young Republicans organized by Portland vaudeville performer (and small government fiscal conservative) Xander Almeida. The right-leaning Vagabond Opera actor says the hostile language in the party platform condemning gay parents, civil unions, and pornography angered him. Rather than change parties, Almeida and a dozen other pro-gay young Republicans got themselves elected as delegates to the state platform-writing convention and managed to get the offensive lines taken to a vote. The changes squeaked through and, although the party is still against gay marriage, they no longer officially argue that gay adoption should be illegal. "I feel like those changes make the platform more of a small government policy all the way around rather than picking and choosing who should get rights," says Almeida.