Capitol News of the Day: Congress extends the threat of a government shutdown to September in tandem with Senate signing a deal that would speed up the administrations decision on constructing the controversial oil pipeline

Tumultuous Tahrir Square: A violent Egyptian crackdown on anti-military protesters leaves nine dead and and hundreds injured.

All Clear: Japan prime ministers declares that the Fukushima nuclear plant is stable — for now.

Home Run: A US judge sentences Barry Bonds to a two-year probation and a30-day-long house arrest due to his steroid use.

Smooth Move: Tea Party Leader Mark Meckler is arrested on gun charges for toting a Glock pistol and ammo onto a LaGuardia plane.

Stumptown Goes Volcanic: A molten glass explosion at a Portland glass manufacturing plant sends lava-like glass oozing into the streets.

Christmas Miracle!
: Who keeps dropping rare gold coins into Salvation Army donation kettles in downtown Portland (or should I say, the Pioneer District)?

Today in Records!: Guinness World Record judges declare 18-year-old Jyoti Amge the world's shortest woman, at 24.7 inches.

A Calvin and Hobbes Christmas: