Guess what? President Barack Obama really was born in Kenya! Never mind his birth certificate clearly listing his birth in Hawaii—the president's own literary agency told the real truth in a 1991 pamphlet obtained by that one dead conservative provocateur.

Facebook! Money! They let the awkward man in the hoodie ring the Nasdaq bell—and then his company's stock price opened at $42, adding to its record IPO haul.

Willard Romney's new ad promises what Day 1 in his White House would look like: Handsomeness, and a bulldozer ready to bury spats-wearing plutocrats in millions of dollars in government cash.

But poor Willard. People maybe kind of like him? But every time he tries to keep the focus on how much money he'll give to other rich people, some rabid partisan or another keeps reminding us all how much more his party cares about racism and xenophobia.

An august psychiatrist who pushed a study defending a "cure" for queerness now says he's sorry. "I owe the gay community an apology," he says.

The man who shot Trayvon Martin probably fired his gun while it was pressed against Martin's chest, according to new evidence released by a special prosecutor.

Rumors abound that Europe is plotting to kick Greece out of its special economic club.

Can you record police officers? The feds, in a letter to Baltimore cops, say you can and that any cop who tries to stop you or arrest you is afoul of the YOO ESS CON-STEE-TOO-SHUN.

NATO protests in Chicago, now that they have begun, will put this to the test.

Sorry, kid. Blackface is never okay, even if you're earnest and trying your best to ace a school presentation on Martin Luther King Jr.