A photoshoot of bearded men on the Burnside Bridge this evening took an hairy turn when one of the men turned up with an unexpected prop: A gun.

The photoshoot for the Beards for Breasts fundraiser calendar was supposed to take a shot of a bunch of dudes with beards underneath the "Portland, Oregon" sign. One guy also showed up with an actual assault rifle.

Rather swiftly, police responded to reports of a man with a rifle on the Burnside Bridge and shut the Burnside down.

"I heard over this megaphone, 'GET DOWN!' There were a bunch of cops with guns pointed at us. It was so ironic that like literally a SWAT team shows up to our breast cancer fundraiser. It was a scary experience," says a bearded dude who was in the shoot and asked that his name not be used. He had no idea why someone decided to bring a rifle to the photo shoot. "That was a dumb idea."

The police yelled at the group to get on the ground and then handcuffed everyone and took them all the Central Precinct. The police detained at least 13 bearded men in the incident, reports KATU, though (very) luckily no one was injured. The police reopened the bridge after 45 minutes.

While it's legal to carry a gun in public in Oregon, Portland has a ban on carrying loaded weapons in any public place. It's not clear whether this guy's gun was loaded.

Let this be a lesson: Never bring a gun to a downtown photoshoot.

The beard club, in happier times.
  • via KATU
  • The beard club, upon release from jail.

UPDATE 8/30, 4:30PM— Police released the info that this incident led to two arrests. A 29-year-old bearded guy was booked for unlawful possession of a firearm and a 35-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct.