Anarchy in the USA!
  • Anarchy in the USA!
As mentioned in Good Morning News, some kind of roving group smashed bank windows up and down Hawthorne last night. The police describe the group as a "mob vandalizing businesses" who broke the windows of Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, US Bank, and Umpqua Bank, but who also "were throwing bottles at pedestrians and walking into traffic blocking vehicles."

Based on their hatred of bank windows, I guessed this was some kind of Black Bloc group staging yet another horrifically dumb bank-window-smashing, passerby-scaring demonstration. But I wasn't there, so I can't say. Luckily, reader Austin Hackett works on Hawthorne and wrote in his account of the event wherein dozens of people marched down the street "leaving a wake of cigarette butts and litter."

When I heard the honking of blocked traffic and saw their hand painted 'A' signs I got a spark of excitement, which lasted about one second before they threw our sandwich board into the street, and then a rock through a window of the bank across. I saw later that the banks up on 39th fared worse.

It made me really upset; how many people were turned off leftist action tonight? How many will be in days to come, as news of this circulates? Remember all the whiny counter revolutionary shit-talking directed at 'occupy' last year? I was furious that I heard more of that than real information. I'm even more furious now, because I guess they were right: it really is just a bunch of dumb kids and drunk people who want to break things.

They've lost my sympathy, and I am so ashamed to call myself an anarchist that I think I'm going to just stop.