SNOW!! Who cares about the rest of the news, it's snowing! Weather report says there could be light snow all day, though it could switch to rain.

Okay, there actually is a lot of important non-snow news.

Now is the Time: In the wake of the Newtown shooting, the NRA will face the first real test of its power in decades.

Where Are the Most Shootings? Graphs of assault deaths by region are surprising.

Hitting Gunmakers Where is Hurts: A large private equity firm divests its money from the gunmaker who sells the gun used in the Newtown shooting.

How Do You Get By? A personal essay on life after gun violence.

Tarantino Premiere Cancelled: The red carpet premiere of the super violent film Django Unchained would have been awkward in light of last week's massacre.

Straight Up Bribery: How did WalMart get into Mexico? By being an "aggressive and creative corrupter" who paid large sums of cash to officials.

Goodbye, Awesome Senator: Hawaiian Senator Inouye died this week and is remembered as a rare politician driven by conscience.

Gas Company Talking Points: Drilling companies are getting their shtick together before the release of the new fracking film Promised Land.

Syria Releases Journalists Unharmed. Thousands of people have died in the Syrian civil war, but we won't be adding the name of another journalist to the list: Kidnappers freed NBC's Richard Engel unharmed.

Dogs of Instagram Calendar: Filter-lovin' tech company Instagram is holding the right to sell any photo someone uploads to their service.

Gender Neutral Victory! At the request of 13-year-old's campaign, Hasbro will manufacture a non-girly Easy Bake Oven.

And BTW: It's the end of the world!! At least, that's what Russians gripped by apocalypse mania believe.