Hostage Situation Explodes in Algeria: Algerian militants took 45 people hostage—including some Americans—but now some have escaped and some are likely dead.

Over 100 Activists Killed in Syria: Government forces shot, stabbed, and bombed to death over 100 of its citizens in its deepening civil war.

Gun Laws State by State: Hallelujah! Someone finally put together an easy-to-read chart of gun laws in every state.

Who Was That Gun Buyer, Anyway? The national system of background checks that the president wants to expand is apparently horribly flawed.

It's Hard to Say What's an "Assault Rifle." The proposed federal ban on assault rifles is complicated by the gray area around what an assault rifle actually is.

Washington DC Fails to Investigate Rape: The Human Rights Watch charges the DC police with neglecting rape survivors and failing to prosecute their cases.

The Mysterious Case of the Fake Football Girlfriend: Notre Dame's football star gained a lot of attention when his girlfriend died of leukemia during the season. Turns out she never existed.

787s on the Fritz: All Boeing 787s around the globe are grounded indefinitely after new batteries failed on two planes.

Porn Stars Can't Be Teachers: California judges decide that it's okay for a school district to fire a woman for her work history as a porn actress.

"The Origami Condom." This new condom prototype is intriguing.

And in Other News: Scottish Smurf Shrine!