Obama is the President! Sorry, Grumpy Boehner. Obama's inauguration speech pushes progressive values as he calls for getting to work.

Speaking of Getting to Work: Globally, unemployment is projected to rise.

Forty Years of Safe and Legal Abortions! It's the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decisions and a majority of Americans want abortion to stay legal.

Meanwhile, in the Republican Camp: The party is increasingly more conservative about abortion rights. Seems like they'd prefer to have America look like Romania.

And the World is Ending: Because Justin Bieber's mom is producing an anti-abortion movie.

Not Quite as Terrible: Someone is making a Girls reality show.

Israel Heads to the Polls: The current Israeli government is projected to remain in power, but who knows in today's election.

Prince Harry's Confession: The British prince says he definitely killed people while serving in Afghanistan.

More Sex Abuse Cover-ups: Sex abuse by an LA priest was hidden for years.

Curioser and Curioser: The death of a lottery winner is still unsolved.

Lighten Up: The new "green" lighting of choice seems to be LEDs.

Sorry, Atari: The old-school gaming system that is apparently still in business files for bankruptcy.