The federal sequester—much balleyhooed prior to its deadline but as-yet relatively benign—has just become all-too real.

Portland news outlets that apparently subscribe to a naval mailing list we missed are reporting Portland's Fleet Week, that annual bastion of maritime pomp, will be partly crippled this summer. The reason: the sequester-strapped US Navy doesn't have the funds to pay Portland or Seattle a visit.

According to the Portland Rose Festival website, the fleet was expected to cruise into town—afflicting commuters with lengthy bridge lifts and bestirring the corpse-strewn muck of the Willamette— on June 4 and depart June 10.

That might still be true of US Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy vessels, which festival organizers reportedly still expect. Come on, though. Canadian sailors?

From KGW:

"We appreciate the community's understanding during these uncertain budgetary times," Navy Region Northwes Commander Rear Adm. Mark Rich said. "We will continue to find ways to engage locally, in keeping with Department of Defense guidance. We are thankful for what Seattle, Portland, and our community partners do to support our service men and women every day and look forward to continuing to work with those partners now, and in the future."