I realize the weather isn't ideal for this sort of thing, and maybe you deplore show tunes and their ilk. But here's one unassailable reason why you might want to show up at Washington Park tonight for a free concert by the Portland Gay Men's Chorus:

The group leading next year's fight for same-sex marriage, Oregon Says I Do, is going to be on hand at the event, gathering signatures for the petitions that will help put the marriage equality on the 2014 ballot and then, hopefully, into Oregon's constitution. Where it belongs.

I'm also told some local politicos will be on hand giving some speeches, too—maybe, just maybe offering some kind of notable endorsements?

Oregon Says I Do got started on its work last Friday, circulating petitions in hopes of getting 116,284 signatures. And a little bit of momentum, even if you think this is a no-brainer, definitely can't hurt. Because remember, not everyone you know is as convinced as you are. So get out and help.

The show starts at 6 pm in the amphitheater. Even if you don't want to come for the music, come and sign a petition.