The National Organization for Marriage predictably hates Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's decision not to defend Oregon's same-sex marriage ban in court, calling it "shameful."

In a statement, the group couches its distaste in terms of support for the institution of marriage. But don't believe it. It's really just that they think LGBTQ people and the fact that they have sex with each other, like everything else on Earth, are icky.

You can tell by the last sentence in what they wrote (the only part I'll share).

"Marriage is our only institution that exists to bring men and women together to benefit the couple and to provide an ideal environment for any children produced by their union. It can and must be defended as a unique, essential and profoundly good institution.”

Because if they really believed marriage is such a "profoundly good institution," they wouldn't hesitate to see as many loving couples as possible partake in it.

I'll pretend that's what they meant when they wrote it. Even though they didn't.