If you were thinking of heading over the St. Johns Bridge today, you're not anymore. A train caught fire this morning near the bridge, setting six tankers ablaze with what Portland Fire and Rescue says is "hot asphalt" and reportedly killing one person. The fire department says it'll take a couple hours to cool, and the bridge is closed, along with Highway 30. Oh, and if you live anywhere near the noxious smoke pluming into the air, you need to stay inside.

According to the O, the fire began when a truck collided with the train this morning. The fire department says the blaze is near the 7200 block of NW Front, which is just north of that train bridge.

Tanker trains have been a subject of controversy in Portland and around the country this year—though much of the attention has gone to trains pulling crude oil.

Update, 10:58 am: Portland fire now says the only thing that actually burned in the blaze was fuel from a semi-truck that collided with the train. Earlier the bureau tweeted that the "tanker fire material is hot asphalt." Now it says the cars didn't burn at all.

Update, 11:15 am: The bridge has been reopened.