• Chloe Eudaly

Chloe Eudaly—who's been a vocal activist in Portland's housing crisis and is the longtime owner of Portland independent bookstore Reading Frenzy—confirms she's going to run against Commissioner Steve Novick (and the handful of other candidates who've filed) for Commissioner, Position 4.

Eudaly has registered with the Oregon Secretary of State under the committee name "Chloe for Portland." Eudaly, who's given first name is "Clover," says she'll file with the city auditor's office on Monday.

Eudaly told the Mercury that "affordable housing is definitely my priority."

"Providing housing is a serious business and the honor system for landlords is not working," she says. "I'd also like to see City Hall take their emergency measures further to provide renters with greater stability and security; the extra 30- to 60-day notice for rent increases and no cause evictions are not enough."

Rumors that Eudaly was considering a run for council started circulating in the housing advocacy world a few weeks ago. Last week, Eudaly told the Mercury she was "seriously considering" a run but wouldn't confirm.

Eudaly, who's long been an advocate for people with disabilities, says that as a commissioner she'd fight for "living wage jobs, safety and general accessibility of our streets, parks, and other public amenities."

"As a small business owner I'd like to see the city do more to support and foster our local economy," she says. "As a longtime supporter of the arts I believe that investing in and providing greater access to the arts is essential to our cultural landscape and community, and I'm very concerned with the inequities I see throughout the city.

This brings the total number of Portlanders looking to oust Novick to six, after architect Stuart Emmons officially announced yesterday that he's running.