A monster is lurking deep in the forests of Southwestern Oregon. No, it's not a rogue chupacabra visiting form Latin America. No, it's not Bigfoot. It's a daddy longlegs.

The Cryptomaster behemoth, with a body 4 millimeters wide, dwarfs other members of its suborder—called Laniatores. James Starrett, an entomologist at the University of California, Riverside found this terrific (emphasis on the terror part) new species.

C. behemoth, like its cousin, Cryptomaster leviathan, is an elusive bugger, which explains why it's just recently been discovered.

Think it couldn't get worse? You're wrong. Since I mentioned C. leviathan, you should know that this special creature "sports two teensy, fully erect spines pointing upward on its penis."

Scientifically speaking, he's got a "Penis elongate; glans laterally compressed, dorsal plate extending outward into a more angled and acute keel shaped protrusion, with two pairs of spines, apical pair erect (pointing along the longitudinal axis of the penis), subapical pair appressed to dorsal plate; ventral plate cultriform with dorsally curved apical process."

Sweet dreams, Blogtown.