Interesting article in yesterday's Trib: Stephen Marc Beaudoin, chair of the Multnomah Education Service District (and former Mercury arts writer) has reversed his decision on the controversial Measure 97. Previously he was against it, even writing an opposing statement for the Voter's Pamphlet, saying it "fails every test of reasonableness"—and now? He's had second thoughts. From the Trib:

“I think it’s very hard in part because I believe both campaigns, I believe are doing a terrible job of discussing the issue,” Beaudoin says. He wants the discussion to go beyond “corporations bad” versus “no tax on Oregon sales,” because “when we reduce it to these stupid, dumbed-down arguments, it really avoids the hard discussion of the complex needs and discussions of the constituency.”

Beaudoin says, for him, a more persuasive argument was hearing the history of numerous failed attempts at revenue reform since the 1990 passage of Measure 5, which limited the amount schools can receive from property taxes.

We tried for 20 to 30 years to find some more sufficient revenue for public education and services and no one has gotten it right,” Beaudoin says.

And there is the rub. It's also the rub that pushed the Mercury Endorsement Strike Force to come out swinging in favor of Measure 97. Because while it is indeed an imperfect measure—I believe I called it "junior varsity politics"—it is time to stop fucking around. Education MUST be funded one way or another. And if you don't believe it, check out all the people who are still voting for Trump. Don't want Trump-style voters in the future? Then fund education NOW.

Kudos to Beaudoin for having the guts to risk appearing like a flip-flopper to speak out on this difficult issue. For even more good reasons why you should vote YES for Measure 97, see our endorsement here.