Police wall off demonstrators from an Interstate 5 on ramp on Thursday, November 10.
Police wall off demonstrators from an Interstate 5 on ramp on Thursday, November 10.

When self-identified anarchists began taking bats and clubs to Pearl District windows on Thursday night, local activists had no problem corralling cash to help pay for at least some of the damage.

Portland's Resistance, the group that began the march that devolved into what police called a riot, immediately set up a GoFundMe campaign that had attracted nearly $10,000 in mere hours. It's raised more than $55,000 to date. The group maintains it had relinquished control of the march by the time chaos began, but has asked affected businesses to email portlandsresistance@gmail.com if they sustained damage.

Meanwhile, Portlanders are showing less support for the cops who've spent long hours policing Portland's daily anti-Trump marches.

Local web developer and pro-bono attorney Robb Shecter set up a GoFundMe of his own yesterday, urging Portlanders to thank the PPB "for protecting our safety while supporting our rights" during the protests. He's pledging to donate all proceeds to the Portland Police Association's Cover Foundation, which pays officers' uncovered medical bills, among other things.

The support hasn't been as robust. Shecter's effort has generated $405 from four people in the last day.

There are any number of reasons why the Portland's Resistance effort might have had more success, not least of which is the group's robust Facebook presence.

But Shecter, who runs the always-useful OregonLaws.org, has reach of his own. He's placed banner ads for his campaign on the site, and is offering ad space there to people who pledge $200 and $400.

The GoFundMe effort isn't the only way people have been showing support for police, of course. The Portland Police Bureau tweeted out the following on Sunday.