On November 21st, the Atlantic posted a video of neo-Nazi members of the National Policy Institute sieg heiling as "alt-right" figurehead Richard B. Spencer gave a speech questioning the humanity of Jewish people and describing America as a "white country designed for ourselves and our posterity."

One might think this would be a prime opportunity for prominent conservatives to express total disgust at this abhorrent behavior. Surely a fair number of them wouldn't need to be pressured or cajoled into what must be one of the easiest public relations layups to fall in their laps in the last eight-plus years!

Prominent Conservatives Who Have Voluntarily Spoken Against Nazi Sentiment in the Republican Party:

Evan McMullin, former Chief Policy Director, House Republican Conference

Prominent Conservatives Who Have NOT Voluntarily Spoken Against Nazi Sentiment in the Republican Party:

Everyone fucking else.

For example: This is the page that lists the Republican members of the House of Representatives. These are the eight members of that house who are considered its Leadership.


You can scroll through their twitter feeds, if you like, to get an idea how these representatives have chosen to exemplify leadership in the face of this shit, but while you'll find suggestions like—

—you won't find a single one of them (including the one of them that comes from our own state of Oregon, Greg Walden) has voluntarily floated the idea that Nazi sentiments have no place in their political party.