An anti-Trump march led by Portlands Resistance last November
An anti-Trump march led by Portland's Resistance last November

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is on the verge of selecting a chief for the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) after a nationwide search. Activist group Portland's Resistance really, really, doesn't want Chief Mike Marshman—a finalist—to keep his job.

The group, which formed last November in the wake of Donald Trump's electoral college victory, says they will organize a campaign to recall Wheeler if he doesn't hire someone else to lead the PPB.

"Mike Marshman's reign at the head of the Portland Police Bureau has been marked by increased violence at protests, harassment of the houseless population and disproportionate arrests of black and brown individuals," wrote Gregory McKelvey, a co-founder of the group, in a statement released on Monday. "For those reasons, along with Mike Marshman's admitted history of domestic abuse and recent administrative leave, Portland's Resistance is calling on Ted Wheeler to refrain from hiring Mike Marshman as Chief of Police."