"It's going to be something to see," says Martin Connolly. "Dildos flying all over Vancouver."

Connolly is the man behind the "Stop Sending Dildos to Portland" march that will take place in Vancouver, Washington, on Saturday, October 27. Conceived on Reddit, the goal of the protest is, as its poster proclaims, "to tell Vancouver we are sick of Patriot Prayer and the other alt-right dildos."

For over a year, alt-right groups have been traveling south from Vancouver to Portland to spout hate speech and clash with Antifa counter-protesters. After their frequently violent rallies—which have on at least one occasion involved armed individuals camping out on the roof of a parking garage—the alt-right provocateurs pack up and drive back to Vancouver.

For Connolly, enough is enough.

"When they go low, we go north... with dildos," he tells the Mercury.

Unlike rallies by the alt-right, the "Stop Sending Dildos to Portland" march will follow a route that includes a number of brewpubs. To make their point, Connolly says, protesters will scatter dildos throughout Vancouver's downtown, including "dildos with suction cups" and "dildos on telephone wires."

"You'd be amazed at how cheap dildos are when you buy them in bulk," says Connolly.

According to the FAQ on stopsendingdildostoportland.com, the march/pub crawl will conclude with "a parakeet race," but only "if Tyler shows up." Other important questions answered in the FAQ include:

I’m in! What should I bring?
Well, dildos for sure.


I live in Vancouver. Can I come?
Please do! We’re not marching against the people of Vancouver, we are here to say STOP SENDING DILDOS TO PORTLAND!© It’s not about Washington vs. Oregon or Democrat vs. Republican. It’s mostly about dildos, and how we would like them to stop coming to Portland.

"Unlike Patriot Prayer, et al., the plan is to stay on the sidewalk, obey all traffic laws, and to not beat anybody up," the FAQ adds. "We might adorn a few telephone wires with dildos, but that’s the extent of our shenanigans."

Participants in the march, along with their dildos, will meet at Esther Short Park (605 Esther, Vancouver) at 2 pm on Saturday, October 27.

Connolly, who says support and enthusiasm for the event is high, isn't concerned about what the alt-right might think of the march. He plans to "hole up in a brewery" if things get heated.

"I get death threats all the time," he says. "I'm not worried about it."