Rahmat Shoureshi
Rahmat Shoureshi Portland State University

The president of Portland State University (PSU), Rahmat Shoureshi, has resigned after less than two years in office.

It wasn't particularly by choice. According to the Oregonian Shoureshi agreed to leave after reaching a settlement agreement with PSU's Board of Trustees.

A March investigation by the Oregonian, found that many of the trustees have taken offense with Shoureshi's alleged mistreatment of staff and lavish financial demands, including a housing salary increase within a year of being hired.

Paired with his monthly housing and transportation stipend, Shoureshi's been pulling in more than $720,000 a year.

In a November 2018 letter to Shoureshi, after the PSU Board of Trustees rejected his request for a 4 percent raise, Board Chair Gale Castillo writes, "We gave you an opportunity to resign, but you have chosen to accept our demands for improved performance."

It appears he did not meet those demands.

Shoureshi will receive just over $800,000 over the next 15 months as part of a settlement agreement that was finalized Friday afternoon between Shoureshi and the board. While Shoureshi will no longer be on campus or working at PSU starting Monday, his official resignation date is December 14.

Shoureshi will be temporarily replaced by Stephen Percy, who currently serves as PSU’s College of Urban and Public Affairs dean. Over the next several months, according to PSU spokeperson Kenny Ma, Percy will lead community-wide search for a more permanent interim president.

In a statement shared Friday afternoon, Shoureshi wrote: “I will cherish my service here, but the time has come for me to focus on my family first.”