Terry Schrunk Plaza, Juneteenth.
Terry Schrunk Plaza, Juneteenth. Alex Zielinski

UPDATE 6 PM: Meanwhile back at King Elementary Park, Suzette has returned from rightly scolding someone for leaving their dog in a hot car (SERIOUSLY DUDE???) and is listening to speakers there.

Meanwhile back on I-5:

And here's an update on that Joey Gibson sighting: Apparently he's just marching around with an American flag, ranting about how his friend's dog grooming business can't reopen, and everyone's totally ignoring him. Sounds like a plan!

So this seems like a good time for the Mercury crew to take a dinner break/cat nap, BUT WE SHALL RETURN TONIGHT STARTING AT 8:30 PM for continued coverage of the Juneteenth celebrations and protests. STAY WITH US!

Oh, but before we leave, let's wave so long to the toppled slave-owner. BYE BOI!

UPDATE 5:30 PM: The I-5 march is still going strong.

So far the mood of the march has been uplifting, jubilant, and... oh, oh. Look out... SHIT HEAD ALERT!

UPDATE 5:15 PM: At Terry Schrunk, people continue to speak uncomfortable truths.

And at King School Park:

Meanwhile the march from Vancouver has kicked off, and YEP... THEY'RE ON INTERSTATE 5.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: A Juneteenth dance party at Terry Schrunk.

Meanwhile, speakers take the stage at King School Park.

Keeping an eye on this!

UPDATE 4:15 PM: The Celebration of Black Lives march has kicked off and our Suzette Smith reports that it's so large she can't see the end.

And they have arrived at their destination:

Meanwhile at Terry Schrunk:

And regardless of whether Portland's George Washington statue "tripped" or was pushed, this is one slave-owner who is officially GONE.

UPDATE 3:45 PM: Our Suzette Smith is in chill mode already at the Celebration of Black Lives march, kicking off soon from Peninsula Park.

Meanwhile our Alex Zee is at Terry Schrunk Plaza listening to the crowd getting righteously schooled by Black youth about Portland's racist past and present.

Oh, and re: that statue of slave-owner George Washington on Sandy that was toppled last night by protesters? Apparently we've been reporting that all wrong!

ORIGINAL POST 3:15 PM: Hello and welcome back to the Mercury's obsessive coverage of Portland's protests against police brutality. After 17 straight days of nightly coverage, we took a short break to recharge our batteries, and now we're back on the ground, reporting to you and holding the police accountable.

Today you'll be enjoying reporting from our own Alex Zielinski who is starting the day at Terry Schrunk Plaza for a youth-led Juneteenth rally, and Suzette Smith who's currently holding it down at the Celebration of Black Lives march from Peninsula Park to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. Follow them both on Twitter for minute-to-minute updates, and this rolling live blog for the big picture on happenings all over the city today and tonight.

Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for more!