Celebration of Black Lives March, Juneteenth
Celebration of Black Lives March, Juneteenth Suzette Smith

Editor's Note: Several tweets embedded in this live blog refer to Portland police officers shooting munitions into a crowd of protesters, when—according to the Portland Police Bureau—it was deputies with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office who fired those munitions. There may be other instances in which our reporters misidentify deputies as police officers. (To be fair, it's very impossible to tell them apart during these demonstrations.)


The Mercury is calling it for the night after a VERY long day, but please join us again tomorrow when we'll continue our coverage. To recap: There were some very joyous Juneteenth celebrations and marches throughout the day, and an extremely lit dance party at Revolution Hall tonight. Things took a darker turn when cops stormed out of the Justice Center and shot munitions at the heads of protesters without warning. Their actions were definitely more violent and more uncalled for than in the past week, and the department will certainly have questions to answer tomorrow. We'll have more updates for you then, so join us in thanking both Alex Zielinski, Suzette Smith, and Tuck Woodstock (tips accepted) for their very long day. And if you'd like to keep their scrappy style of journalism going, please donate to the Mercury here. Thanks, and good night!

UPDATE 12:50 AM: Police are starting to push the crowd north, and Tuck makes a very good point that I've experienced myself while covering protests.

Tuck has a pic of the protester who, at this hour, is still bleeding after being shot in the head by what appears to be a foam bullet which he is holding. Due to the graphic nature of the shot, I'm linking to it here.

I suppose that directive given by the Chief of Police about cops needing to respect their "media partners" has fallen on deaf ears.

UPDATE 12:35 AM: Meanwhile in North Carolina... these guys go HARD.

And back in Portland, the protesters who just got chased away from the Justice Center have made their way back.

And there's the warning:

Even in a tense moment like this, I am here for the quality dog content.

UPDATE 12:20 AM: Speaking of a "Sophie's Choice":

Apparently there's a discussion within the group whether to continue to the "Ted's Condo Autonomous Zone" or return to the Justice Center. But remember: Even during a protest, "good manners are always in style."

And C'MON, FOLKS! I know it's rough out there running from the cops (I've been there!), but WEAR YA DAMN MASKS.

It looks like the crowd is indeed moving back toward the Justice Center.

UPDATE MIDNIGHT: The police continue to push the crowd away from the Justice Center into downtown. (If you're just joining us, JESUS CHRIST, the police have been EXTRA tonight!)

Man, this video is pure protest porn.

UPDATE 11:50 PM: Hmmm... for a police department that's been told by the mayor not to use tear gas, one would think they wouldn't need gas masks, yes?

Just a cop hopped up on adrenaline and pointing a gun... what? Me worry?

UPDATE 11:40 PM: This is the most vicious I've seen the Portland Police act toward protesters since their tear gas-happy antics a week ago. Now they're pushing the crowd west and apparently spraying mace or some other chemical agents in the eyes of protesters?


UPDATE 11:30 PM: We're still trying to figure out why the cops at the Justice Center suddenly flung open the doors and started firing pepper balls (or rubber bullets, not sure yet) randomly into the crowd, and ordering a dispersal.

A protester on the scene was reportedly shot in the head by one of the munitions... I won't show it here, because it's grisly, but here it is if you want to see it.

UPDATE 11:20 PM: We'll check back in on the Rev Hall Juneteenth celebration later—but in the meantime, at the Justice Center the cops have gone nuclear... no one is sure why?

And here we go:

UPDATE 11 PM: While the dance party at Revolution Hall (now with even a bigger crowd) gets increasingly lit....

... the vibe at the Justice Center is more tense. And... slingshotty?

Back at Rev Hall:

It seems like the protesters at JC are experiencing FEELINGS about the partiers at Rev Hall.

Before calling it a night, Alex sheds a little light on the Rev Hall Juneteenth celebration.

UPDATE 10:30 PM: Back at Rev Hall, the summer vibes keep vibing.

The marchers that were heading across the Morrison Bridge were apparentluy confronted with a Sophie's Choice situation: Head toward the fun (and hula hoops) of Revolution Hall or go back to the hardcore protesting of the Justice Center? This has been a running theme throughout these protests. Is the revolution furthered by fun or direct action?

Meanwhile back at the Justice Center... well, projections are kinda fun, right?

And the choice was made.

UPDATE 10 PM: As the Rev Hall gang celebrates Juneteenth with a dance party, a huge throng of marchers stretching back blocks are taking over the Morrison Bridge, followed by Tuck!

But wait... are they?

Meanwhile, back at Rev Hall... it's not just the dance party that's luring people back.

UPDATE 9:45 PM: Alex has arrived at the dance party/rally at Revolution Hall where the crowd is 1500 strong, and... what a beautiful sight!

Glad we're all having fun, folks! Let's just remember we're in Phase 1... not Phase 27.

Meanwhile Tuck has been lured away from the Justice Center by the sound of a very large crowd marching north.

ORIGINAL POST 9:15 PM: Hello and welcome to PART TWO of our day long coverage of Juneteenth celebrations and protests in Portland. You can read part one here, in which our Alex Zielinski attended a youth led rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza, and Suzette Smith marched along with the Celebration of Black Lives march from Peninsula Park. We also shared details of the march from Vancouver, WA onto the I-5 bridge which shut down all southbound lanes. Exciting stuff! Check it out here!

Tonight we're continuing our coverage as our Alex Zielinski is dropping by a rally at Revolution Hall, and freelancer extraordinaire Tuck Woodstock covers the Justice Center and its SACRED FENCE™. This has been going on for THREE WEEKS now, and somehow? Every night presents surprises. What will it be tonight? Only one way to find out! Follow Alex and Tuck on Twitter for the minute-to-minute details, and this rolling live blog for the overview on what's happening around the city. Stay tuned for all the action!