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Despite a subdued crowd, Portland Police roughly arrested 29 people last night .
Despite a subdued crowd, Portland Police roughly arrested 29 people last night . Suzette Smith

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else—gets me frustrated. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

WHAT A WEEKEND: On Saturday, a caravan of Trump supporters (many of whom were carrying concealed weapons) drove into town spraying bear mace, shooting paint ball rounds at protesters, and at times driving violently toward the crowd. One of these Trump supporters, Aaron Danielson—a member of the right wing violent group Patriot Prayer—was shot to death on 3rd and Alder soon after the caravan left downtown. According to witnesses, an argument erupted between Danielson and the assailant and mace was used followed by two gunshots. Danielson died on the scene and the suspect escaped. NOW IT GETS WEIRDER: Yesterday the Oregonian reported a person of interest has been brought to the attention of police, after mysterious persons called the suspect's sister and threatened her, saying she'd better turn her brother in. She reported her brother to the police, but no arrests have been made thus far. The suspect attended protests often, was known to carry a gun, and has had some problems with the law in the past. Stand by for more details as we get them. UPDATE: An earlier version of this post referred to Aaron Danielson as "AKA Jay Bishop." This is incorrect and we regret the error.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell held a press conference yesterday to address the shooting and why the police didn't do more to intervene in the Trump caravan's criminal acts. Wheeler spent much of the time blaming Trump and condemning violence in general, while Lovell was unable to offer up any substantive reasons why Portland Police were unable (or unwilling) to deescalate the situation. Our Alex Zielinski was there and has more.

• Governor Kate Brown has a plan to quell violence at protests: send in even more cops, including state troopers and officers from Clackamas and Washington counties and Gresham. Note: The primary reason these protests are continuing is because Portland refused to substantially curb policing in the first place.

• And on the 95th day of consecutive protests in Portland, demonstrators showed up in smaller numbers to the Penumbra Kelly Building (where local police and Multnomah County Sheriff share offices) and were far more subdued—most likely due to the shooting the night before. And yet Portland Police still showed an overwhelming amount of force, firing pepper ball rounds into the crowd (while claiming they didn't use crowd control munitions), and roughly arresting 29 people.

• Some good news: Patriot Prayer and Proud Boy member Tusitala “Tiny” Toese (convicted of assaulting protesters) has FINALLY been arrested for violating his parole and was booked into the Clark County jail on Friday.


Trump, OF COURSE, praised his caravan of minions that drove into Portland and whose presence led to the death of one of his own supporters. And he's still planning on visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin—where Jacob Blake was shot in the back by police in front of his own children—even though the governor and mayor are asking him to stay away.

• Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will speak today about how Trump's violent rhetoric directly led to the shooting death of a Trump supporter in Portland.

• Apparently Trump's attempts to create more violence and unrest aren't playing well with voters according to a poll that indicates that "third party voters from 2016 are backing Biden 2-to-1."

• The nation has passed more than 6 million cases of coronavirus... and what is President Trump doing about it? Nothing, unless you count spreading conspiracy theories.

• In case you missed it, beloved Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer on Friday at the age of 43.

• Now let's peek through the blinds at the WEATHER: A cloudy morning leads to a sunny afternoon and a high of 78.

• And finally... sorry, I'm still "Team Jacob."