Chief Chuck Lovell finally responds to video of a Portland cop brutally punching a protester.
Chief Chuck Lovell finally responds to video of a Portland cop brutally punching a protester. City of Portland

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• Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell finally commented on videos that clearly show one of his officers tackling and repeatedly punching a protester in the face at a demonstration Monday night, admitting that the proof raises "legitimate concerns" and that "some officers have been removed from crowd management response while the actions are reviewed." However, the Chief also made sure to note that "the Independent Police Review exists as a separate entity to also hold us accountable." Unfortunately, up to three members of the Citizens Review Board (which advises the IPR) just reportedly quit, claiming the organization is effectively toothless and their advice is routinely ignored by the PPB and mayor. We'll see what the Chief has to say about that.

• Mayor Ted Wheeler also responded to the video that shows a Portland police officer brutally smashing a protester in the face —except he compared it to his condo being "violently attacked"?

• In other mayoral condo news: Wheeler has decided to move the hell out of his pricey Pearl condo after protesters showed up on multiple occasions. Maybe his neighbors had something to do with the decision as well?

• According to a new Portland city audit, a plan to provide more equity and award city contracts to women and people of color is failing, and worse still? A lot of the city contract money is once again ending up in the hands of white dudes. Our Alex Zielinski has more.

• Pro-Trumper/right-wing agitator Alan Swinney is getting sued for $250,000 after he shot and injured a woman with a paint ball gun at a Portland protest last month.

• Portland Public Schools returned to class today—though it was strictly online, and just about everyone, from parents, teachers, students, and PPS, were skeptical as to how it's all gonna work.


• Joe Biden came out swinging at Trump once again, saying that forcing kids back into COVID-riddled schools constitutes a "national emergency" and that the schools would have been safe had the president done his job.

• Very much related: "The University of South Carolina reports that more than 1,000 students currently have the virus."

• Whether its ready or not, the CDC is warning states to be prepared to start distributing a possible coronavirus vaccine by late October... (not) coincidentally a few days before the election. Unsurprisingly, experts are concerned.

• While no one even wants to think about it, THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES ARE COMING. And it was announced today that the moderators will be Chris Wallace of Fox News (Sept 29), Steve Scully of C-SPAN (Oct 15), and NBC’s Kristen Welker (Oct 22). And may god have mercy on us all.

• According to Melania Trump's former senior advisor, the first lady used her private email to conduct government business. "Russia... if you're listening...."

• In some truly shocking news, police in Burlington, Vermont actually arrested a man for carrying an AR-15 rifle near a Black Lives Matter protest! Sure, he was doing it for three days in a row... but at least they arrested him!

• Fans of Baby Yoda rejoice: New episodes of The Mandalorian are coming to Disney+ in October. (Seriously... just make it "The Baby Yoda Show.")

• Today in "UNNNNGGGGGGHHH": Tiger King star Carole Baskin to Dancing With the Stars.

• THE WEATHER REPORT: Things get even hotter tomorrow with sunny skies and a high of 93.

• And finally... whoever DID do this deserves a Nobel Prize.