Governor's Office

As she did for the latter part of last week, Governor Kate Brown will be giving a 1 pm press conference today to provide updates on the current state of Oregon wildfires and the progress being made to contain them. She's expected to be joined by various state firefighting and public health officials who will also share information on evacuations, air quality, and how the wildfires are affecting various parts of the state.

While firefighters have made some progress this weekend on many of the blazes sweeping through the state, and officials have lowered evacuation requirements for some areas of Clackamas County, the Riverside fire is still a major area of concern, as is the abundance of wildfire smoke throughout the region. We can expect Brown and other fire and emergency officials to update us on this as well as providing more information on Oregonians who are missing or dead, and perhaps something about the groups of armed people setting up roadblocks in various rural areas who are under the mistaken impression that Antifa are looting their communities. THIS IS DECIDEDLY NOT TRUE. In short, there's a lot of ground to cover today.

Find out the latest updates for Monday, September 14 by WATCHING THE GOVERNOR'S LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE HERE AT 1 PM.