HIGH FIVE! Biden campaign

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be our next president and vice-president, according to calls made by multiple news outlets Saturday morning. The calls were made after it became clear that Biden had a strong enough lead in Pennsylvania that Donald Trump couldn't make up the vote gap, pushing the former vice president over the threshold of 270 electoral college votes.

Harris will be the first woman, first Black person, first Indian American and first Asian American to serve as vice president.

On Twitter, Portlanders reported hearing fireworks, car horns, and cheers of excitement outside in their neighborhoods.

Some of Oregon's elected leaders also celebrated the news:

And a lot of Portlanders—including Urban League of Portland CEO Nkenge Harmon Johnson—are particularly excited about Harris' history-making victory:

And here's how Erik Ward, director of anti-racist group the Wester States Center, reacted:

With this sweet victory comes an even sweeter defeat—that of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Unsurprisingly, Trump is refusing to concede. His campaign released a ridiculous statement with a torrent of lies and false information after news broke about Biden's victory:

But while rumors are swirling about Trump needing to be dragged out of the White House on Inauguration Day, Biden is on track to collect more than 300 electoral college votes, and leads in the popular vote by more than 4 million votes.

In other words: Bye, bitch!