What COVID is probably doing inside of Kelly Loefflers body right about now.
COVID is probably doing a backflip inside of Kelly Loeffler's body right about now. Kevin C. Cox/Getty
The countdown is on to the January 5 runoff in Georgia, an election that will determine which party has the power in the Senate.

In both Georgia Senate races on the November 3 ballot, no candidate received 50% of the vote, which forced a runoff as mandated under Georgia state law. Now, Republican incumbent and Trump stooge Sen. Kelly Loeffler is up against Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock. The other Republican incumbent/Trump stooge Sen. David Perdue is again duking it out with the much thirsted after Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Here's the latest on what's happening in "the center of the political universe":

Georgia extends emergency rules to continue the use of 24/7 monitored drop boxes: The Georgia State Election Board—chaired by Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger—voted to extend the use of secure drop boxes. This rule was set to expire in late December. The board also approved a rule that now requires counties to process absentee ballots the week before Election Day due to the number of absentee ballots requested for this runoff.

It's quarantine time for Loeffler: The Senator is going into isolation "out of an abundance of caution" after a series of mixed coronavirus tests this weekend. Loeffler took a rapid COVID test on Friday morning that came out negative, but a PCR test she also took that morning came back positive later that evening. In between both those results, Loeffler attended a rally with Pence and Perdue. The results from a second PCR test Loeffler took on Saturday were "inconclusive," but according to her campaign another PCR test taken on Sunday came back negative. Loeffler will continue to self-isolate until she can receive another negative test. Jesus, this feels like COVID BINGO—just stay the fuck home!

Loeffler—the richest member of the Senate—faces two ethics complaints after asking for ca$h inside Congress: Both complaints—filed by the Democratic Party of Georgia and the American Democracy Legal Fund—focus a plea Loeffler made on Fox News last week. She told the audience to visit her campaign website to “chip in $5 or $10 to get involved, volunteer,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Scott Hogan, executive director of the state Democratic party, said that by asking for donations on national television while on federal property, Loeffler "once again chose to use her position of power for personal and political advantage." Loeffler's campaign has dismissed both claims as "frivolous" and a distraction from the REAL issues, etc. But when has an ethics complaint ever stopped the Republican party?

Top Republican super PACs make a $70 million ad buy: American Crossroads and Senate Leadership Fund are using their combined dark magic forces to assail Georgian's eyes and ears with GOP propaganda this week. American Crossroads is tossing $35 million in ads at the Loeffler-Warnock race while Senate Leadership Fund is dumping their $35 million on the Perdue-Ossoff race. So far, these super PACs have spent $80 million in this runoff race, a number that will only continue to skyrocket the closer we get to January 5.

Biden is coming on down to Georgia: On Sunday, Joe Biden's new chief of staff Ron Klain said the President-elect will likely make an appearance in the Peach State soon. "I expect you'll see the president-elect travel down there before Election Day," he said during an interview on ABC's This Week. He also stated that Biden's team had already moved Biden campaign workers to support Ossoff and Warnock's fieldwork.

Republicans try to paint Warnock as a "religious radical": Last week, Marco Rubio tried to dunk on Warnock for a 30-second video clip from a 2011 sermon where the reverend riffs on the Gospel of Matthew.

Republicans also alleged that Warnock tried to thwart a sex abuse scandal at the Baltimore church he worked at in 2002. Loeffler has repeatedly targeted Warnock for his beliefs, saying that he "celebrated" Fidel Castro after the Cuban head of state visited a Harlem church where the Democratic candidate served as a youth pastor in 1995. She also called Warnock a "Marxist sympathizer who wrote a book condemning capitalism" and labeled him "anti-Semitic" for critiquing Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

Targeting Warnock over his sermons is extremely hypocritical Republican behavior: But Warnock said he's not letting these attacks faze him and instead issued this sick burn on Loeffler:

"I am glad that Sen. Loeffler is listening to my sermons," he said to reporters. "One of my favorite sermons is entitled 'Love your neighbor.' And in practical terms, that means you don't get rid of your neighbor's health care in the middle of a pandemic."
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