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After chasing cops away yesterday, protesters continue to occupy and barricade North Mississippis Red House.
After chasing cops away yesterday, protesters continue to occupy and barricade North Mississippi's "Red House." Suzette Smith

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! It goes one by one, even two by two. Everybody on the floor, let me show you how we do. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

• Yesterday around 200 protesters clashed with and eventually drove away members of the Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff's Department who were trying to foreclose on a Black and Indigenous family residence known as the "Red House" on North Mississippi. Today the area has been barricaded and still remains occupied and guarded by protesters, while Mayor Ted Wheeler announced last night that police will “use all lawful means to end the illegal occupation.” As of press time the cops have not returned, but stay tuned for further updates.

• Three Portland Police officers have been removed from protest duty while they are being investigated for violating a court order and using excessive force on journalists and legal observers.

• Oregon has set another single-day record for deaths, with 36 people dying from the virus across the state. For comparison's sake, 20 people died during the first eight days of November, while 72 passed away during the first week of December.

• A reminder that applications open on THURSDAY, DEC 10 from 3 pm to 6 pm for free $500 VISA debit cards from the city for those financially suffering from the pandemic. Unlike the previous "first come/first served" distribution plan, the city will pick all applications through a lottery.

• Portland Police are investigating a shooting by a member of a US Marshals task force, who fired on and wounded a man in North Portland who was allegedly wanted on a state warrant. A witness say the officers did not identify themselves prior to the shooting.


• According to new data, ICU beds across America are nearing capacity with a third of hospitals running critically short.

• While the UK's first day of COVID vaccinations were a reason to rejoice, health officials are looking closely at two recipients who had allergic reactions to the vaccine—both had histories of allergies and are recovering.

• Also...

• Dems are roundly rejecting a White House stimulus plan which offers another direct payment to Americans—but it's only half as much as the check delivered in March.

• You guessed it... TRUMP LOSES AGAIN: Even the president's lop-sided Supreme Court wouldn't ride to his rescue yesterday, and quickly refused to hear Trump's latest bullshit attempt to overturn the election in Pennsylvania.

• Georgia's Republican lieutenant governor is telling his GOP pals that they should accept the election results, otherwise he's "very worried that this affects our brand." HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I'd say they're exactly "on brand"!

• Well, look who just woke up! YouTube says it will FINALLY begin removing videos on its site that contain bullshit allegations of election fraud. However, they better not touch my series of Ariana Grande cover songs.

President-elect Biden is hitting some speed bumps with his nominee for Secretary of Defense, Gen. Lloyd Austin, who hasn't been retired long enough according to nomination rules. (Gotta say this kind of controversy is refreshing as compared to Trump's nominees whose lack of experience was often their best attribute.)

• Following an independent review that found a "permissive environment for sexual assault and sexual harassment," 14 leaders at the Fort Hood military base in Texas have been either suspended or fired.

• Note to superstitious Christians: The "Christmas Star" you'll see brightly shining on December 21 is actually just Jupiter and Saturn appearing closer in the night sky, and not a sign that Trump will be reelected in 2024. (Sorry to rain on your parade!)

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• Now let's swivel our necks skyward for the WEATHER: Mostly dry today with a high of 47!

• And finally, here's comedian/actor Richard Belzer dropping futuristic truth bombs... in 1994.