The officer responsible for fatally shooting a member of the public in Lents Parks Friday has been identified as Zachary DeLong. According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), DeLong has worked for the department for eight years.

PPB has yet to release the name of the man who was killed early Friday. Witnesses to the shooting described a white man in his 30s who appeared to be having a mental health crisis before he was shot. PPB officials say the man was pointing a gun before he was shot, but have offered no other information on the alleged weapon—let alone the actions leading up to the man's killing.

The deceased man's name will be released only after the county medical examiner conducts an autopsy and notifies his family.

DeLong served in the US military before joining law enforcement.

In 2014, DeLong helped coax a suicidal man down from a building ledge 60 feet off the ground in downtown Portland. The incident, detailed in an Oregonian story, mentioned DeLong relying on crisis intervention training to help the man. According to a 2015 story by the Gresham Outlook, DeLong's father also worked as an officer for the Gresham Police Department.

DeLong was also identified by Willamette Week in 2014 as one of 19 PPB officers who "liked" another officer's photo that read "I am Darren Wilson," a nod at the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who killed Michael Brown.

Per PPB protocol, DeLong has been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.