Facebook Papers reveal Zuckerberg prioritized engagement over democracy.
"Facebook Papers" reveal Zuckerberg prioritized engagement over democracy. Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty

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• Oregon's DEQ has issued a whopper of a fine—to the tune of $2.1 million—to a Portland roofing company who failed to notify the state that it was installing a second smoke stack that caused an increase of at least 10 tons of formaldehyde emissions per year. Our Isabella Garcia has the details.

• Last week OHSU forecasters predicted that the state could reach herd immunity from COVID-19 by just after Christmas. This week they're tapping those brakes a bit, and saying that our progress has slowed and that COVID hospitalizations probably won't fall below 400 until after Thanksgiving. This is due to people being less inclined to maintain social distance or wear masks indoors, as well as those who still refuse to be vaccinated.

• Around 3,000 Portland PGE customers are still without power following yesterday's "bomb cyclone" that hit the West Coast, while 60,000 people in Seattle are currently without electricity. Expect another rainy/showery day tomorrow, but somewhat less breezy.

• Portland City Commish Jo Ann Hardesty has officially declared her intention to run for re-election next year, saying she will continue to focus her efforts on "public safety, housing and homelessness, economic resilience, and bold action on climate change."

• Police have reported a shooting at Idaho's Boise Towne Square Mall, saying that at least five people and one officer have been injured. While details are scant, one person is reportedly in custody.

• Six women athletes who previously participated in the University of Oregon track and field program are saying they were body shamed by coaches who put too much emphasis on a data-driven approach that calculates weight and body fat percentages, leading some competitors to allegedly "starve themselves."

• It's SPOOOOOOKY STORY week at the Mercury, with lots of fun, scary Portland-based Halloweeny articles which are either brand new or from our voluminous archives. Check out this terrifyingly funny entry that asks the creepy question, "Which is more haunted: Lloyd Center Mall or Mall 205?"


• No promises, but a deal on Biden's big spending plans to bolster infrastructure and the social safety net could be reached later this week, according to lawmakers who have been furiously working on a plan that even Democrat obstructionist Joe Manchin may agree with.

• According to internal documents provided by a former employee, Facebook's CEO/replicant Mark Zuckerberg made decisions that often ran counter to the company's values—such as turning a blind eye to the spread of misinformation, ignoring violent, anti-Muslim propaganda, and ignoring the pleas of employees—in order to retain market dominance. Here's a good explainer on what you need to know about the "Facebook Papers."

• Related and infuriating: "Facebook reports $9 billion profit on day documents highlight internal anger."

• Meanwhile Amazon's Jeff Bezos has announced his intention to build a privately owned space station that will function as a... (*squints*) "mixed-use business park." OH FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK.

• Let's check in on the Dave Chappelle situation, annnnnnnnd YEP! Still being an asshole.

• Democrats are rightly calling for throwing out members of Congress who, according to reporting from Rolling Stone, met "dozens" of times with January 6 rally organizers ahead of the domestic terrorist attack to coordinate attempts to overthrow the election.

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect more showers tomorrow with a high of 55.

• And finally, happy 50th birthday to the fantastic, classic kids show The Electric Company (as well as Morgan Freeman's portrayal of Dracula).