Cant... stop... eating... chips... and... reading... these... great...Mercury... stories!
"Can't... stop... eating... chips... and... reading... these... great... Mercury... stories!" SeventyFour / iStock /Getty Images Plus

Whooo! You're a BUSY BEE. Look, it's completely understandable that since you've been SO busy, you may have missed some of the great reporting and stories the Mercury churned out this week! So while you're lounging about this weekend, catch up on the knowledge you need by reading some of these A+++ Mercury articles! (PRO TIP: If you despise being "the last to know," then be one of the first to know by signing up for Mercury newsletters! All the latest stories shipped directly to your email's in-box... and then... YOUR HEAD.)

The 10 Weirdest Revelations from the FBI Files on D.B. Cooper for the 50th Anniversary of His Escape
For the 50th anniversary of skyjacker D.B. Cooper's infamous crime and escape, local historian Doug Kenck-Crispin read all 22,000 (!!) FBI documents on the case, and shares the top ten WEIRDEST revelations!

Courtesy FBI Files

City Announces Third Planned Location for Homeless Village
The city has announced a new location for its third "Safe Rest Village"—this one is in the Multnomah Village neighborhood. Commissioner Ryan appears ready for any pushback from neighbors.

Oregon Lifts Outdoor Mask Mandate, Launches COVID-19 Testing Program in Schools
Oregonians no longer have to wear masks in crowded outdoor settings, the Oregon Health Authority announced. The agency also launched a new COVID-19 testing program in schools that aims to reduce quarantine time for students.

Commissioners Mapps and Rubio Endorse Dan Ryan's Re-Election Run
Two Portland city commissioners have thrown their support behind fellow City Commissioner Dan Ryan in his run for re-election. (One may surprise you.)


Five Festive Local Beverages For Your Holiday Dinner
Here are five festive local drinks to bring to your holiday dinners, because no host will ever resent you for bringing an extra beverage.
Blair Stenvick

It Doesn't Matter if House of Gucci Is Good or Bad—We're Here for Gaga
Review: While the entire star-studded cast of the film gives generally compelling performances, the person who hits the mark every time with theater-kid like enthusiasm is Lady Gaga herself.

Savage Love: Get Out
Her boyfriend gets icked out by blood, refusing to have sex with her even if she's spotting. Can this relationship be saved? Dan Savage issues a decisive ruling in the newest edition of SAVAGE LOVE!
Joe Newton

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