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Good morning, Portland! It's frosty out today, which means it's time for a winter warmer! Here are some local holiday beer recommendations, courtesy of our Holiday Debauchery Guide.

And here are the headlines.

• Workers at Fred Meyer and QFC locations across the Portland metro area have voted to authorize an unfair labor practice strike as soon as Friday as tensions over a contract negotiation and unfair labor practice grievances mount. “We have put out that if we do not have a deal by Friday at 6 am, we will be going on strike,” United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 (UFCW) spokesperson Miles Eshaia told the Mercury. If a strike happens, you know what to do: Don't cross that picket line!

• Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is suing the Portland Police Association (PPA) and its former leader over those leaked false allegations of a hit-and-run against her from earlier this year. Hardesty is asking for $5 million in damages. (Friendly reminder that suing for financial damages is unfortunately the most effective way to hold organizations accountable in our legal system, and that these lawsuits rarely actually enrich the victims.)

• If you missed this heartbreaking, beautifully written column about the Timbers' MLS cup loss yesterday, be sure to make time for it today:

• Out in the West Hills, there was snow on the ground this morning! More snow may hit Oregon tomorrow, so prepare accordingly.

• Omicron is here in Oregon. OHSU has confirmed three cases of the COVID-19 variant—all in the Portland metro area. It's still unclear just how bad the omicron wave will be, but the best way you can protect yourself and others against it is to get vaccinated and get boosted.

• Speaking of COVID, Pfizer's research shows that its new pill is "effective in preventing hospitalization and death when taken by people with mild to moderate illness within a few days of first symptoms," per NPR.

• Striking Kellogg's workers are urging folks to boycott the food giant's products. Here's a handy guide from Susan Freakin' Legend Sarandon:

• As a Congressional committee continues to investigate the events of January 6, new documents show that serval Fox News hosts texted former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows the day of, pleading him to get Trump to stop the attack on the Capitol. "This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy," Laura Ingraham wrote. "Can he make a statement? Ask people to leave the Capitol?" Sean Hannity asked. It's funny, because if you watch Fox now, they all seem to believe that the attacks were no big deal, and/or a false flag operation outside of Trump's control. It's almost as if they know they're full of bullshit!

• And finally, Happy Holidays: