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Wheelers shelter plans make clear he hasnt consulted the experts on homelessness.
Wheeler's shelter plans make clear he hasn't consulted the experts on homelessness. JONATHAN FERREY / GETTY IMAGES

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! It's a cold, wet afternoon out there, but you can expect a cold, SUNNY day out there tomorrow with a high of 34! (BRRRR!) Now... LET'S DO SOME NEWS.


• Our Alex Zielinski spent the weekend covering Saturday night's tragic killing of a traffic calmer, identified as June Knightly, during a Black Lives Matter march by a shooter apparently living in the neighborhood. He shot and injured five others before being shot himself, and we have an interview with one of the injured survivors who has the harrowing story of what happened.

• City Hall is obsessed with the idea of shelters—both small and massive—as a sure-fire cure for the homelessness crisis. Is it any surprise that they aren't taking the advice of local and national homelessness experts, and their plans will almost surely fail and waste tons of city money? Our Alex Zielinski's new Hall Monitor is a MUST READ for those who are truly interested in fighting homelessness.

• Portland Police have finally revealed the names of the two cops involved in Saturday night's fatal police shooting in SW Portland, one of whom is Acting Sergeant Zachary Kenney. If, like me, you're thinking, "Where have I heard that name before?", then check out this sentence from our Isabella Garcia's report: "In 2010, Kenney wrote a guest opinion column for the Oregonian defending police who use deadly force against a person who doesn't appear to have a weapon." Ummm-hmmm... sounds about right.

• Oregon lawmakers have a financial surplus of $2.5 billion in revenue to spend... so after giving most of it to pressing needs like housing, climate change, mental health, job training, and more, Oregon Dems are giving a cool $100 million to the state GOP to do with as they see fit. Whaaaaaat?? This is obviously an olive branch to mend hurt feelings over the last session, but... what if they put it all into their "Murder All Kittens" fund?

• The great Peter Dinklage, performing a sword-fighting rap battle? YES, PLEASE! Check out the Matt Baume rave review for Cyrano, kicking off in theaters this week.


• Putin has ordered troops into two separatist regions of Ukraine as a "peacekeeping mission" (uh-huh), which is mostly likely a precursor to a larger invasion. Meanwhile the US is promising to impose "limited" economic sanctions, with the threat of more to come.

• The prosecution and defense have rested their case, and the three white men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery will now have their fates decided by a federal jury as to whether or not their brutal murder constituted a "hate crime."

• Today in Fucking Horrible Floridians: A new amendment tacked on to the state's new "Don't Say Gay" bill will force schools to inform parents within six weeks if their child is gay, lesbian, bi, or trans—oh! And I forgot to mention there are no exceptions, even if the revelation could lead to the child's abuse, neglect, or their abandonment. Monsters are real.

• GOOD NEWS: After years of women fighting for their rights, Colombia's version of their Supreme Court has decriminalized abortion, following the lead of Mexico and Argentina.

• BAD NEWS (for you Beliebers): "Justin Bieber tests positive for Covid, delays Las Vegas concert."


• It’s back for 2022! America’s sexiest, funnest dirty movie fest, HUMP! Coming at ya starting THIS THURSDAY, February 24 at Revolution Hall—GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

• And finally... drop what you're doing... IT'S A GOOSE PARADE!!