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OHA announces that Oregon will drop its mask mandate earlier than expected.
OHA announces that Oregon will drop its mask mandate earlier than expected. EMS-FORSTER-PRODUCTIONS / GETTY IMAGES

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! First things first: If you love all things "sexy," then you will not want to miss the debut of the super sexy HUMP! Film Festival... starting TONIGHT! So get those tickets now! Okay... LET'S DO SOME NEWS.


• Portland City Council has unanimously approved the city's long awaited contract with the Portland Police Association (PPA)—the union (if you want to call it that) for the rank-and-file officers—saying the final agreement is "not perfect." Meanwhile the PPA prez says he's "thrilled." Wonder who's getting the better end of that deal? Our Alex Zielinski has all the details.

• "She was always looking to find a way to help people out who were in greater need than herself." Our Alex Zielinski talked to the friends and family of June Knightly—the woman shot and killed by a right-wing gunman Saturday night—who share heartbreaking, joyful stories of the bright light from the Portland activist scene who will be deeply missed.

• Cautiously good news: As positive COVID cases and hospitalizations continue to significantly decrease, the Oregon Health Authority announced today that the state will drop its mask mandates for schools and indoor spaces on March 19—12 days earlier than expected. The governor is also dropping Oregon's emergency declaration as of April 1 (no joke!).

• For the third night in a row, severe weather shelters in Multnomah County will be open for everyone who needs to get out of the frigid, dangerous temperatures. Our Isabella Garcia has the details.

• Oregon Democratic lawmakers are proposing a massive $400 million investment to help tackle the state's homeless crisis, with money going toward houseless services, building and maintaining low-income housing, and improving access to home ownership. (This is partly thanks to the huge $2.5 billion surge in revenue this year.)

• Wait... are you telling me there's an upcoming, can't miss show with the delightful Maarquii at the Thesis, AND a new rap release from Portland's beloved Mic Capes with an appearance by DAMIAN LILLARD? Get all the details from the newest edition of Jenni Moore's HEAR IN PORTLAND!


• President Biden has called Russia's overwhelming invasion into Ukraine a "brutal assault" and is cranking up the pressure with more sanctions—though many question the effectiveness of such a strategy as Russian forces push toward Kiev and seem ready to eliminate the country's government. Citizens are fleeing Kiev as missiles rain down and they are caught in the crossfire, and even the infamous Chernobyl nuclear site has been taken by Russian forces. Meanwhile on the streets of Moscow and other large Russian cities, thousands of people are protesting Putin's act of war, and being arrested for their trouble.

• Three former Minneapolis police officers were found guilty today for refusing to intervene in the Derek Chauvin killing of George Floyd, thereby violating his civil rights. Their sentencing hearing has not yet been scheduled... but I CANNOT WAIT.

• On Friday the CDC is expected to release new guidelines on masking as states across the nation (including Oregon) begin preemptively easing their own rules.

• Maybe we should check to see if Republicans are investing in pharmaceutical companies: "Abortion Pills Now Account for More Than Half of U.S. Abortions."

• Kim Kardashian is asking the courts to ignore Ye (FKA Kanye West... eyeroll) and his attempts to slow down their divorce, declaring he "does not accept" that their relationship is over. OMIGOD, SO EMBARRASSING! (Not as embarrassing as changing one's name to "Ye"... but ye know.)

• And finally... this cat is MEAN! (And okay, kind of funny.)