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Commish Dan Ryan announces four new locations for Safe Rest homeless villages.
Commish Dan Ryan announces four new locations for Safe Rest homeless villages. Meg Nanna

GOOD FRIDAY MORNING, PORTLAND! It's another chilly, sunny day with a high of 49, and rain returns Saturday night and into Sunday. It's also a good day to enter any room like this. Okay... LET'S DO SOME NEWS.


• The long-negotiated contract between the union for the Portland Police and the city has been unanimously approved by council, who are calling the result "not perfect" while the cop union president seems pretty happy with the result. (When he's happy, I'm not happy.) Our Alex Zielinski explains what was won and what was lost.

• The statewide indoor mask mandate is scheduled to lift on March 19—nearly two weeks ahead of schedule. But what does that mean for schools? While the mandate is lifted for them as well, different districts are so far taking different tactics.

• City Commissioner Dan Ryan has revealed four of the six locations where Safe Rest Village homeless outdoor sites will be situated, in the Sunderland, Lents, University Park, and... the Pearl District neighborhoods. Let the NIMBY screaming begin! (And let our Isabella Garcia explain it all for you.)

• "She was always looking to find a way to help people out who were in greater need than herself." Our Alex Zielinski talked to the friends and family of June Knightly—the woman shot and killed by a right-wing gunman Saturday night—who share heartbreaking, joyful stories of the bright light from the Portland activist scene who will be deeply missed.

• Okay, brainy pants! Time for you to strut your brainy stuff with this week's super fun POP QUIZ PDX—featuring sassy-ass trivia Qs about missing pickles, questionable po-po, and your choice for most perfect potato!


• In Ukraine, Russian troops have marched into the country's capital, Kiev, where residents have been instructed to defend their city with... oh, dear... molotov cocktails. Meanwhile, the European Union says it will freeze the assets of Putin in retaliation, as the Russian president claims he is ready to "negotiate" with the Ukrainian government, which we can all pretty much guarantee will not end well at all. (Want to support the people of Ukraine? Here's how to help.)

• Today the CDC is expected to significantly loosen mask-wearing guidelines, and supply new metrics on how we should take care of ourselves and others.

• President Biden has announced that he will nominate Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court who, if confirmed, will be the first Black woman to take on the role. (Stop hoping that the GOP will treat her fairly—it ain't gonna happen.)

• Today in "ha-ha-ha-GOOD": "Capitol rioter photographed with Pelosi's podium on Jan. 6 sentenced to prison."

• Some good news for Ukraine:

• RIP the great Sally Kellerman—the Oscar nominee best known for playing "Hot Lips" in the movie M*A*S*H—who has died at the age of 84.

• It’s back for 2022! America’s sexiest, funnest dirty movie fest, HUMP! is back and playing RIGHT NOW at Revolution Hall—SO HURRY UP AND GET THEM TICKETS!

• And finally, I hope you're going into this weekend like Kino.