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Stefan Tomic / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Happy daylight saving time to those who observe (and I hope you enjoyed sleeping in, Arizona and Hawaii). We're looking ahead to a rainy week, starting today with a 90 percent change of steady rain. Now, let's get up to speed on the news you may have missed over the weekend:

— Oregon’s mask mandate is a thing of the past—for now. The statewide policy requiring people to wear masks indoors was lifted at midnight Friday. Earlier that day, state health experts explained what Oregonians can expect to happen next in our treacherous journey through a global pandemic.

— While many Oregonians are eager to go mask-free in public spaces, not all are ready to leave masks in the past. On Saturday, the Oregonian spoke with several Portlanders who said they still plan on wearing masks in groups of people for the “common good.”( It’s almost as if we’ve been burnt before.)

— Here's how Oregonians with autoimmune disorders are thinking about the end of the mask mandate. One woman tells OPB: "I want people to understand that those of us who are still isolating, still wearing masks, aren’t doing it as a political statement, but as a way of keeping ourselves healthy, and that our lives are valuable."

— It's day one of the Mercury’s HIGHBALL—a week of specialty cocktails mixed by the city’s best bartenders… and for only $6 each! Yeehaw!

— Average US gas prices have surged 22 percent over the past two weeks, which is as good a reason as any to stop driving your car. Maybe it’s time to take your bike out of the garage and give it a spin? Here’s a stellar guide to biking in Portland, brought to you by the local pedal experts at Bike Portland.

— Another alternative: Ride a cow through traffic.

— Everyone’s pal Ammon Bundy—the far-right activist known for leading an armed standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge—was arrested after refusing to leave an Idaho hospital where he was supporting a family accused of malnourishing their baby. The arrest comes days before Bundy is set to stand trial for charges related to his involvement in a 2021 protest at the Idaho State Capitol.

— The Russian attack on Ukraine has not let up, with Russian missiles hitting a Ukrainian military facility Sunday, killing at least 35 people. The death toll continues to rise across the besieged country. On Sunday, US documentary journalist Brent Renaud was killed while filming refugees escaping the Ukrainian town of Irpin. Others with Renaud at the time say they were fired on by Russian forces near a military checkpoint.

— Russian President Vladimir Putin has been resistant to talks of negotiation over ending the war with outside leaders. Instead, he is turning to Russia’s one ally, China, for support. According to Politico, the Russian government has asked China for military equipment, a sign that Russia may not have enough resources to continue its current assault on Ukraine.

— In horrifying non-warzone news, Saudi Arabia executed 81 people convicted of crimes Saturday, the "largest known mass execution" carried out in the country in a single day in modern history. Those killed were convicted of various crimes, including murder and association with militant groups.