Pictured above: Lexus in a bioswale.
Pictured above: Lexus in a bioswale. Suzette Smith

As of 30 minutes ago—and probably still—there's a Lexus in a bioswale at the corner of NE 11th and NE Couch. We do not yet know how the Lexus ended up in the bioswale, but if you can see the image above, it's all the way in there.

Employees at a nearby auto repair shop said they knew nothing about the Lexus in their bioswale, other than it had been there since Thursday morning. They also didn't know how to get a full sedan out of a bioswale.

“Well, that is highly disappointing to see a Lexus in a bioswale," said Diane Dulken, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Environmental Services (BPS). Dulken said the best way to report the car was the city's 24/7 maintenance dispatch hotline, but that she'd already put in the request. Clean-up will likely be helmed by Portland's Bureau of Transportation.

"As for damage to the green street (bioswale), Environmental Services will assess the damage after the vehicle is removed and will make repairs accordingly," Dulken said.