A syringe next to a phone that has a QR code indicating a persons vaccinated status
Andriy Onufriyenko / Getty Images

Oregonians can now download a unique QR code that proves their vaccine status. The optional digital vaccine verification tool, created by Oregon Health Authority (OHA), aims to eliminate the need for vaccinated Oregonians to provide a physical copy or photo of their vaccine card to prove their vaccination status and streamline the verification process for entertainment venues and restaurants that have a vaccination requirement in place.

“This provides a safe and secure way for individuals to carry and share their vaccination status if they choose to,” said OHA spokesperson Erica Heartquist.

To get a QR code, Oregonians can go to myelectronicvaccinecard.oregon.gov and enter their name, date of birth, and the phone number or email address they provided when they were vaccinated. The OHA then sends the person a link to their unique QR code, which can be screenshotted, downloaded as an image or PDF, or saved to an app like Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

When the QR code is downloaded, it also lists the date of the person’s COVID vaccinations. So, the QR code can either be scanned by venues and businesses that have QR code scanners, or visually verified. It’s unclear whether businesses requiring vaccination will immediately start accepting the electronic form of vaccine verification, but some Oregonians have already been using electronic vaccine cards made available by certain private healthcare providers. Businesses may still require photo ID in addition to the electronic vaccine card.

The website cost OHA an estimated $2.45 million to create and launch, according to OHA spokespeople.