Hello, readers! I’m Courtney Vaughn and I’m a recent addition to the Mercury’s news team. I’ll be keeping an eye on environmental issues, transportation, and the many ways city government impacts Portlanders. 

The Mercury is a new home to me, but I’ve been working in journalism for more than a decade. You may have previously seen my bylines in the Portland Tribune.

 I’ve covered local government, crime, arts and culture, education, and everything else under the sun. When I’m not writing stories, I’m scouting out the city’s best coffee, roller skating, hanging out with dogs, and trying my hardest not to get stuck behind a train. 

Send me your news tips: cvaughn@portlandmercury.com or find me on Twitter.  

Speaking of dogs, here’s mine. Go ahead and try to guess what breed(s) she is!

Nico, the doggo