Mica Grohn

If you're at a party and your drink has been out of your line of sight for even a second, and you immediately start feeling euphoric and then very, very woozy, there's a chance you've been roofed (someone put a dash of rohypnol, a powerful sedative/muscle relaxant, in your drink). Not to be a paranoid bitch or anything, but don't EVER put it past anyone. And, while roofies are now manufactured with a blue dye and harder to obtain than they were in the '90s, you can still be the victim of a good old-fashioned roofing (or a GBH-ing, another tranquilizer that is more powerful and more dangerous than roofies).

Basically, the main problem is that once you realize you've been roofed, you're pretty much fucked. Almost immediately, you lose motor control and "comprehensive intelligence"; this is why, if you suspect you're about to spiral down into roofie slumber, try to find a pal and let them know what happened, before whoever committed the deed can rob you (or worse). As a preventative measure, NEVER, EVER, EVER let your drink out of sight once you've got it, and don't accept booze from people if you didn't watch them making it.

On the other hand, self-roofing is also not recommended. According to Lance, who roofed himself sometime "during the grunge years," recreational roofies "give you Down's Syndrome. You feel really good for a few minutes, but if you don't black out, you quickly disintegrate into an unawareness of your enjoyment, and it's a Herculean task to stay awake." Lance's experience with roofies came when his friends from Austin, Texas brought them up to his then-hometown of Seattle. "We had tickets to see the Monster Truck Races at the Kingdome, and we thought it would be a good idea to take the most powerful muscle relaxants available, sit on concrete seats in a stadium, and inhale exhaust fumes all night long. Once I got there, I lost all ability to communicate. I just watched the black smoke come off the monster trucks until someone told me it was over." Lance, who experimented with many drugs in the '90s, advises uninitiated drug users to watch out for the roof. "If you've never had experience with muscle relaxants, you probably wouldn't know what was happening to you. Don't forget that if you feel sick or strange, you might be more than drunk."

In addition, recreational roofies can be very addictive, and withdrawal can incur hallucinations, delirium, convulsions, and shock.

A cautionary tale from Karen: "Some friends of mine in a touring, drug-addicted band made the ill-advised decision to go to Tijuana. They bought roofies; each of them got drunk and took a pill. Apparently, they all went completely separate ways, and woke up the next morning with no idea where they were. Because of it, my friend in the band always said to me of roofies, 'Don't ever do that drug recreationally.'

He then went on to become a roof junkie."