Remember how, after October's UCC shootings, there was a pledge by leaders to do something about gun control, but that it wasn't the time to discuss it amid the fresh grief? It's still not the time to discuss it, apparently, nor will it be the time early next year. State legislators are signaling they'll punt on the gun issue in the 2016 short session.

And just by coincidence! Here's an interesting graphic suggesting Oregon's comparably lax gun laws make us a good source for Californians looking for clandestine gats.

New rules Portland City Council passed last month—requiring landlords to give longer notice before raising rents and issuing no-cause evictions—kick in today. Tenants' advocates they're hearing about landlords rushing to beat the clock with evictions and rent hikes.

Oregon education officials, faced with the shameful fact that the Beaver State's high school graduation rates are among the worst in the nation, like to make the claim that we just don't fudge our numbers like other states. Turns out that's not true.

Hold it right there, Urban Growth Boundary! Metro Council voted Thursday against expanding the region's famed outer limits for new construction, believing that Portland's plans for increased density will be able to meet the city's growth projections. Home builders are pissed, as usual.

Surprise! Another potential candidate who might've injected an interesting challenge into an otherwise dull string of May primaries has decided against running. This time, though, it's Commissioner Steve Novick breathing slightly easier. Charles McGee, the well-regarded founder of the Black Parent Initiative, won't run for a spot on City Council.

Police officers' complaints against their co-workers have risen sharply in recent years, more than doubling since 2011, according to this graph from the Oregonian (which doesn't seem to have much bearing on the story it's paired with).

Call it a meltdown, or an unravelling, or a fit of robust "honesty" after months of anything but—Donald Trump went OFF in Iowa for 95 minutes last night. On everybody. Sending an at-first enthusiastic crowd straight to the doldrums. "But as the speech dragged on, the applause came less often and grew softer."

Jihadi John, the despised ISIS executioner, might be dead by American drone attack.

Meanwhile, Kurdish and Yazidi fighters have reclaimed an Iraqi city from ISIS, which is always good news.

Supposed to be rainy this weekend, y'all. Real rainy.


I'm hip to your games. You think on Karaoke Friday it's acceptable to simply jam out to these sweet instrumentals I'm serving up. It's not. Sing this shit.