Here we are at Thursday again, Blogtown. Let's have some news!

A appeals judge upheld a ruling in favor of a Portland bicyclist who rode on to wet pavement at a local car wash, slipped, and broke his hip. He was awarded $439,000 and he gets to keep it.

Speaking of bikes: Portland's finally getting a bike share program, and it got fancied up by a big chunk of money from Nike. But in other cities with similar programs, the majority of users are young, white, educated males. Will Portland be any different?

Here's a seriously crazy, albeit creative, plan for a terrorist attack: Pack a kangaroo full of explosives and turn it loose on police officers. A 19-year-old Australian is accused of plotting to do just that. Spoiler alert: he got caught first.

It just wouldn't be January Good Morning, News! without a standoff update: The remaining occupiers at the refuge are starting to disperse now that their leaders are all in jail.

Three of the standoff participants trying to leave the wildlife refuge on Wednesday were arrested by FBI agents. Ammon Bundy issued a statement directing the occupiers left at the refuge to "stand down" and go home to their families.

Presidential candidate (and dead ringer for a shriveled turnip with a big mouth) Donald Trump is boycotting the next Republican debate, instead planning his own rally for the same night.

There's gonna be some weather coming. It's gonna be rain:


Think that tiny pocket in your Levi's is for condoms? Nope. It's for your watch.

California authorities are considering a permanent shut down of a gas field that's been leaking tons of poisonous natural gas into the air for several months. Finally.

Here's a mob of angry protesters hating on Trump. Have a great day!