Welcome to Saturday, Blogtown! Let's have some news:

Governor Kate Brown on Friday announced a change in her plan to increase the state's minimum wage. In her new plan, minimum wage workers will get less of an increase to their pay, but they will get it sooner. Hmmm.

Most of the Malheur standoff participants are sitting in jail today, and the four holdouts on the refuge are demanding full pardons for all involved.

Billionaire Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen is being fined $600,000 because his yacht damaged 14,000 square feet of coral reef in the Cayman Islands. Whoops.

It's going to be a regular ol' wet winter weekend:


Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp, Oregon's two largest utilities, say their own proposed plan to eliminate coal as an electricity source is "vastly preferable" to ballot measures proposed by environmental groups.

Cheese addiction is a real thing and pizza is the most addicting food. I think we already knew that.

There's $2 million in gold coins hidden somewhere in the Rockies, and people have been looking for it for more than a decade. Some guy finally got lost in the process and they're looking for him.

Hillary Clinton officially gets an endorsement from the New York Times in this kinda gushing editorial.

This poor kid really got a running start at this underwhelming rocket launch. Good effort, buddy.