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This marks my last-ever Good Morning, News dispatch, friends. Will I seize the opportunity and craft something truly unique and lasting, or shrug as it passes me by? Mom's spaghetti and all that. You be the judge.

O'Bryant Square is closed—maybe permanently? The city announced yesterday that structural issues in a subterranean garage below the downtown park had made it unsafe for people to visit, so the whole thing is being fenced off. The city hasn't decided what to do. Demolishing the garage is one option.

A judge has ruled that the federal government was within its rights to demolish a sacred tribal burial ground to expand US 26 near Mount Hood a decade ago. Tribal members say they'll fight that decision.

This former Trump aide, man... In a pretty remarkable day, former campaign helper Sam Nunberg spent Monday reacting to news of a subpoena from Robert Mueller by refusing to comply, suggesting other officials were Russian spies, inviting his own arrest, and more.

Sort of related: Nunberg's "mentor," Trump ally Roger Stone, spoke at a conference of Oregon Republicans over the weekend, then met with members of an SPLC-labeled hate group for beers.

North Korea is maybe ready to play ball. According to South Korean officials, the country is open to scuttling its nuclear weapons ambitions if its security could be "guaranteed."

New bus routes! In Gresham, East Portland, and Beaverton. It's the largest expansion TriMet's seen in a while, and good news.

Not my wheelhouse, but: There's a chance you could score $10 Hamilton tickets while the show is in Portland. They'll be an app-based lottery for each and every performance.

There was a looong hearing last week over the city's plan to expand and make permanent a law requiring landlords to help tenants with moving fees. I did a detailed post on it, and now OPB has a dive into one of the central sticking points of that hearing: whether affordable housing providers should be subject to the law.

As planned, Gov. Kate Brown has signed a bill that prohibits stalkers and abusive partners from owning guns.

Weird: The Florida senate managed to pass a mild gun control bill—part of which makes it easier to arm teachers.

Remember that guy who stowed 11 decrepit RVs on a St. Johns roadway when city officials said he'd need a license to demolish them? He's been sentenced to 25 days in jail, plus community service.

After an interesting and dramatic showdown with the new owners, that Trump Hotel in Panama is not a Trump Hotel anymore.

Trump wants to slap a tariff on foreign steel and aluminum. Domestic steel and aluminum producers are all about it. Republican lawmakers, world leaders, and lots of US businesses aren't too happy.

Not so bad.


Thanks, everyone!