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Just another visual reminder of the day Trump owned the government shutdown.
Just another visual reminder of the day Trump owned the government shutdown. Mark Wilson / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Oh, when you walk by every night, talkin' sweet and lookin' fine, I get kinda hectic inside. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Before we get started, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE? If you're still scratching your chin in confusion, check out the Mercury's top picks for New Year's Eve fun! Now let's hit this news. HARD.

Republicans have given up on trying to get in between Trump and the Democrats in the government shutdown showdown, and are letting House Democrats deal with it next week when they take power.

Meanwhile Trump is once again threatening to completely shut down the US-Mexico border and stop sending aid to many countries in Latin America, unless Democrats cave and agree to fund his racist wall.

Trump broke from presidential tradition again to turn his holiday visit to the troops in Iraq into another one of his gross political rallies—because of course he did.

House Democrats are hiring an army of lawyers and staff to help them in their upcoming investigations into Trump's seemingly bottomless pit of alleged crimes.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: Former Trump crony Michael Cohen has denied reports that he was in Prague in 2016 (possibly cavorting with the Russians)—even though his phone was credibly there at the time.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: We could be seeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's findings on the Russia/Trump investigation sooner rather than later. (See? 2019 is already looking better!)

Wall Street continues its wild swings, hitting a record high yesterday after scarily plunging to Depression-era lows.

Instagram goofed when they accidentally rolled out a horizontal picture scrolling switcheroo that did not please the internet... like, at all.

Here's a headline that shouldn't be surprising, and yet is still somewhat surprising: Chris Brown Is Facing Six Months In Jail For Owning An Exotic Monkey.

IN LOCAL NEWS: Thanks to yesterday's nationwide CenturyLink internet outages, many of us received a strange phone notification that 911 lines were down and we were to call another number instead. Here's what was up with that.

The Black hotel guest who was kicked out of the Portland DoubleTree lobby for making a phone call to his mother has acquired a lawyer and is demanding that the hotel issue a public statement in regards to their actions.

Random piece of advice: Don't stay up late watching the excellent horror flick Hereditary (now streaming on Amazon Prime) unless you want to wake up multiple times during the night expecting to see a person crouched in the corner of your ceiling.

Now what about the WEATHER: Light showers today with a high of 44.

And finally, this is the way I plan on entering into 2019.