Are you excited for the Mercury's PIZZA WEEK, starting this Monday, April 18 and running through Sunday, April 24? HELL YEAH, YOU ARE! But in order to jam as many delicious slices in your mouth in the most time efficient manner, we've developed the following must-have accessory: THE PIZZA WEEK MAP!

Our map contains the exact locations for all 28 participating Pizza Week locations in the Portland area, PLUS the name of the specialty slices (and what's on it), PLUS the venue's hours and any specific instructions you may need! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" NO, WE ARE NOT! Armed with this handy map, you'll be able to plot the perfect route in order to try as many slices as humanly possible. (We believe in you!)

And don't forget: Each PIZZA WEEK slice is just THREE MEASLY DOLLARS or, at participating venues, a WHOLE PIE for $20. And thanks as always to our pizza-loving sponsors: Electric Lettuce (purveyors of great weed), the SPLIFF Film Festival (tickets on sale now!), and EverOut Portland (the greatest event calendar in the city).

Get a LOT more information about the Mercury's PIZZA WEEK here, check out our new map, and start prepping for the most delicious week of your life, comin' at ya Monday, April 18 through Sunday, April 24!