83 YES Expands Qualified Recipients for Vets' Loans

84 YES State Must Pay Local Government for State-Mandated Programs

85 NO Changes Minimum Area Requirements for Forming a New County

86 NO Amends Constitution To Require "Kicker Refund"

87 NO Allows Greater Regulation of Sexually Oriented Businesses

88 NO Increases Deductible of Federal Taxes from State Taxes

89 NO Mandates Tobacco Settlement Proceeds to Specified Programs

90 NO Gives Utility Companies Return on Investments for Out-of-Use Property

91 NO Makes Federal Income Taxes Fully Deductible From State Taxes

92 NO Prohibits Payroll Deductions for Political Purposes

93 NO Requires Voters to Approve Taxes

94 YES Repeals Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

95 NO Teachers' Pay Tied to Students' Performance

96 NO Prohibits Making Initiatives Process Harder

97 NO Bans Animal Traps and Poisons

98 NO Limits Payroll Deductions

99 NO Creates Oversight Commission for Elderly Homecare

1 YES Mandates State Funding of Schools Based on Quality Goals

2 NO Changes Process for Reviewing Administrative Rules

3 NO Restricts Forfeitures in Criminal Matters

4 NO Mandates Tobacco Settlement Proceeds to Low-Income Health Care

5 YES Requires Background Checks for Gun Purchases at Gun Shows

6 YES Campaign Finance Reform

7 NO Requires State to Pay Landowner If Regulation Affects Property Value

8 NO Limits State Appropriations

9 NO Prohibits Public School Curriculum From Including Homosexual Issues