Gossip has it that 1000 Friends of Oregon executive director Bob Stacey might run for Metro Chair in 2010. Stacey plans to leave the environmental group this coming October but for unknown waters, he insists. Stacey says right now he is merely "seeking advice from friends and colleagues" about whether to run for the seat currently held by David Bragdon.

Having a committed environmentalist in the Metro chief chair would be interesting. Bragdon sits on the regional project sponsors council for the Columbia River Crossing bridge and in March had to push hard to get even a single vague bullet point about environmental justice worked into the bridge's performance goals.

Though why anyone would want Bragdon's job is unclear to me - when he's not sitting in on mind-numbering CRC meetings or fulfilling his duties as the zoo's sassy insectivore keeper, Bragdon has to spend his time distinguishing fens from bogs.